Victorine and Rael

George, Job Moses & Carol

George, Job Moses & Carol

“Bethel Home – One family we stand”.  The children at Bethel treat each other as siblings but we acually have 11 sets of biological brothers and sister here.  These are just a few of them…..

Victorine and Rael are just one year apart.  Both are smiling and loveable little girls.  Both of these are sponsored children.  Their father has passed away and their mother is HIV + and unable to care for them.

"Pastor"Nickson & Dunsky.  Nickson wants to be a pastor.

“Pastor”Nickson & Dunsky. Nickson wants to be a pastor.

Anneka & Branish

Anneka & Branish

George, Job Moses & Carol are family unit of three.  George got off to a slower start and he and his brother are now in Gr.3 together. All of these older children are “parents” to a younger child. They help assist that child with dressing & other needs. None of these 3 children are sponsored.

Nickson hopes to be a pastor one day. He’s only 9 but he is ready to take leadership roles here when asked. Dunsky, just like his picture, usually has a beaming smile with lots of white teeth!!  The whereabouts of the mother is unknown and the father tried to look after them but became unable to do so. A good Samaritan put them on a bus from Nariobi to a  relative in Kisumu who was unable to care for them adequately. Now they are at Bethel but are not sponsored.

Branish has been in Bethel since she was 5 years old and Anneka since she was 4. These young girls were  born out of  wedlock and the mother doesn’t care to provide for them in anyway. Anneka is in need of a sponsor.

What does sponorship mean?  Well, for $50/mth it can provide for these children the  food, medical needs, clothing and education that they need all within the setting,  not of an institution, but a real home!!  They get to call Mr & Mrs. Chamah their baba and mama and are surrounded by loving staff and lots of brothers and sisters. You money does go 100% to the work here to provide for these children.

You might think that having a family of 35 living on the compound would be chaotic and loud beyond what you could bear but, unless you are here, you might think I’m lying but it is a happy hum that permeates over the compound.  Right now as we write, there are 12 children doing homework and helping one another with their work. All part of a family setting.


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