January 8, Cathy and Joan will be leaving for Kisumu, Cathy for 3 weeks and Joan for 5. Joined Feb 2 by Jasmyn D. who will stay the remaining two weeks.  We are taking things in our suitcases for the orphanage and school. 

We are collecting the following used items:      pencils, erasers, coloured pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, rulers, scribblers, shapes for play dough., scissors, skipping ropes, & silverware.  Also teaching cards for teaching English words.

We would like to take the following new items: white socks for the girls & grey for the boys,  “thank you” cards with envelopes, children’s  multi-vitamins.

If you have something to give away, please bring before Jan 2nd.  We will be able to take 300 lbs of goods!

Follow us soon as we try to give you daily updates as to what is happening and introduce you to the children.


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