I’ve always thought that I knew what life in an orphanage would be like. After all, I’ve seen Oliver Twist.  But let me tell you, this place does not behave like any orphanage that I have ever imagined. This is truly a family in every sense of the word.  Just sit for a while with Mrs Chamah and chat about some of the difficulties of bringing in a new child. Her approach is totally and completely focused on making sure the child knows that they are loved unconditionally, there is no past baggage, and everything from here forward will be wonderful with all your brothers and sisters.

I think I know the secret because she let it slip. Give them responsibilities!!! And when you carry our your portion of the responsibilities you will feel wonderful about yourself.

After school this place comes alive with a different sort of energy, everyone scurrying around with valuable work to do, some singing, most chatting, everyone busy. And after supper everyone settles down to homework.

HomeworkThis time of day is very quiet. I felt like I was really interrupting taking the pictures. But that doesn’t stop me because they love the pictures.

Branish, Dinah, Pollet, Yvonne Felix Bravin, RichardTop picture is Branish, Dinah, Pollet and Yvonne. Middle is Felix showing me how well he reads. Bottom picture is Bravin with Richard doing a photo bomb.

Let me leave you with this treat. It’s called Ugali. Corn mash cooked thick, then cooled. on the table you carve a piece off and Dave has discovered that this is great with jam, and Rayla and I agree. Everyone here truly thinks we are nuts. Lots of laughter as we tease them to give it a try. They all say no, but I bet some of them give it a try after we are not looking!!



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