Saturday we working in the morning with the men until about 2pm and left them to continue with Brad and Zach. Brad level (they call it levelized) the shower floor to try to keep the water flowing outside and not back into the compound.

Pastor Chamah, Randy & Joan, Dave and Jack then all went to attend Esther’s dowry party out past Ahero – about a 45 minute drive. When we got there we noticed there were 3 cows outside for part of the dowry and then they would start bargaining for Esther’s price. The elders were sitting outside and the perspective groom along with his father and brothers were sitting inside quietly waiting for the bargaining to begin.  This is customary and Esther did not seem in anyway offended. It is just part of the wedding process.  We spoke briefly as to our involvement with Esther and her hard work in her studies which has now resulted in a job. We encouraged them in their future marriage that Christ be the centre of the their home and their lives.


We then travelled up to Pastor Vitalis and his wife Susie’s home up in the hill country for Saturday night and Sunday until 4 pm when Pastor Chamah picked us up. (Pastor Vitalis is the pastor of the church right next door to us and where we sleep each night.)It was a restful time there as we just were able to have our own quite time and the sat around and talked about the job. However, the road in is something that you won’t drive on unless you had a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  It was a welcomed break.


We started and by the end of the day we had up most of the downstairs interior walls and two long walls. So about 65% of the main floor is done.The rest would wait for Tuesday because we need to get the floor on the top to make it more secure.  The other men were doing the verandah piles and getting the stones leveled for the concrete slab that we will pour in the next day or two.  We are pleased with the way it is going and learning just how to do it as we go along. Thankfully we have some contacts in Nairobi that we can call for confirmation and questioning.  It’s been a long 3 weeks playing in the dirt but finally we are up and going – with lots of spectators!

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