Nothing gets wasted – even the sawdust from cutting the trees gets bagged and goes to Pastor Chamah’s elderly mother for her cooking.  They finally got rid of the tree!

The truck was to be at the NHC at 8:30am  to load and then pickup the remaining items at the hardware store. All went as planned and we were phoned that the truck was on the way by 4pm and would arrive at Kisumu about 8:30 Tuesday morning. We finished cleaning the area for the building materials and Randy went to order the rebar according to the blueprints and order the ¾ stone, etc.  Monday afternoon we got a real steady downpour and the site became muddy but the ground was pretty dry by Tuesday afternoon again. We are praying that the rains will not come until we are finished.




Tuesday:   We knew that it would be a large truck that would deliver but because of the rain from the previous day, now he as having a hard time getting into the beginning of the lane way – not even at our property.  The only solution – off load and hand carry it to the property.  We enlisted the count as things came off the truck – and everything was there that was ordered

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