Monday was one of our favorite days so far.

 Even though it was the first day of our last week, it did not stop us from having the fun that we did.

One of the reasons it went so well, we believe, is because we had a smaller group of only 37, making it more intimate for us.
The day started off a little hectic because we missed a day when we couldn’t come in on Saturday, and then arriving late. So most of the morning was playing catch-up and organizing.
IMG_1485Around 1pm after we had our lunch we joined them for theirs outside where we all sat as a group and had a discussion time. It started off with ¬†Joskey asking them what their favourite games were from last week, what they liked and didn’t like, and which Bible story was the best.
So far, the only compliant was that Rae and Jasmyn need to talk a little slower when speaking to the children. Apparently, we Canadians speak very fast and “nasally” which is exact opposite for them. We have learnt that when speaking Swahili you speak slow, low and with a heavy tongue.
IMG_1505After awhile the questions became more personal to Jasmyn and Rae such as questioning if we have husbands, who is older(which came as a shock when they heard Jas was) if we have ever acted in movies, things like that.
Questions for Joskey were mostly about why he switches between two different accents, what Canada is like, what church he goes to, and the best one being why he isn’t turning white if he lives in Canada.
The rest of the day was filled with what ever the kids wanted to do, the boys were inside with Joskey while Rae and Jasmyn sat outside and had their hair braided.
All in all, one of the best days ever.
As always, please pray for patience, safety and good health as we come closer and closer to the Crusade. It is a time of real business but also anticipated blessing from God. Pray for the speakers as they tell the good news of the Gospel.
The Three Amigos.
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