new classrm1At the end of December we started to build the additional classrooms that we new classrmsneeded:  one for Grade 6 for the next school year in January and another large one to move the youngest children (3 & 4 yrs.old) to a place where they could have more room and not have to worry about the rain water coming in.

Building consists of straight trees used as timbers and metal sheets over the top. A gravel mixture that comes from Lake Victoria is then used for the floor (much like our 3/4 & down).

new classroom4


So now we have classrooms which are as of today being filled with children.  Plus there was a donation of $120 that went for the purchase of desks. These desks will seat 2 or 3 children each.

As we get pictures, we’ll update you further.


Please pray for the following:

  1. That those in leadership will know what to do, when to do it and how to complete each task in the running of the school.
  2. For the children who attend. Our 42 children are there but we have lots of children from the 2 local slum areas that are right outside our gate.  We want to provide excellent education for ALL of these children. Pray that they would come ready to give attention to their studies and that they might see the staff there as God’s Hands and Heart.
  3. For the teachers as they work with limited resources to teach these children.
  4. And on the practical side: funds for textbooks, desks, resources. (Normally Kenyan schools would be asking the parents to pay much more than the school fees we are charging but we realize that this is not the case for most of the parents who are sending their children to our school. If they come having had a piece of bread and tea for breakfast they are fortunate.)