Saturday was just that. A work day with some fun included.

 Seth must have thought that he was Samson as the kids attached themselves to his pole.  

And Carol was caught sitting at the table doing filing – our up and coming office worker? 




Due to the heavy traffic & equipment on the road coming into the village,we put down some gravel and  Randy & Dave are receiving some help from some of the community “volunteers” 









But there is one  boy at Bethel Home, Morgan, who  has the knack of construction. We’ve seen him with a hammer, some crooked nails and a saw building a rabbit cage in the past.  Now, we have him with his hard hat on and sledge hammer ready to help out. Dave nicknamed him “Little Randy”  

Just to keep things lively, Curtis and Philip challenged one another as to who could hand mix the best concrete!  Wow, these boys are hard up for challenges! I don’t know who was the winner.





But on a real positive note, they moved so far ahead that today they also poured the second floor of the boys dorm!   Randy and Tony went first thing in the morning to arrange the concrete and pump machine. The concrete was  supposed to be here by 2:30, but came at 3:45. Then they realized the pumper was out of fuel. Took till 5 till before they came with fuel. The pouring went fast. They had to redo some ceiling braces but all went well. Randy and the guys finished troweling it by 9 pm. Now it will rest on Sunday (as well as the team) and Monday will start the walls for the 2nd floor. And there was enough cement left over to pour the floor for one of the 10 classrooms. (it’s just a thin layer of concrete).  This was one of the teachers requests that they would like to see due to the extreme dust in the dry season.

We have been working now for 4 weeks and 2 days from the time of the start of digging and we now have the  2nd floor poured. Last time (2014) we were just starting the first floor walls at the beginning of the 3rd week and it had taken us 5 weeks and 2 days to get to this point.  So in conclusion, we are one week ahead of the building done in 2014.  

So why the excitement?  Last time we left with many things that needed to be completed and it took longer and costed more than was necessary. So we would like to complete this by the time the team is leaving on March 13th. There is a dedication service going to be held the Sunday before and it  would be great if it was fully completed by that time.

As for the team, Sara is doing much better and should be out of hospital now. Craig has left to fly back home and the team seem to be feeling better.  So thank you for praying for their health.  But don’t stop praying – it is the backbone of ministry and God does change things when people pray!












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