So to first of all give you all a quick update on our team.  Randy is 100% better,  Cathy and Robyn are doing fine. Craig is feeling a lot better.  Sara, however, has been taken to the hospital for IV and a 2 night stay while Al was being treated for dehydration – both due to a bacterial infection. Dave is feeling “iffy” and I don’t know about Seth. It seems that he may be trying to fix the office computer that has some nasty virus.  So please keep on praying for their health issues.

IMG_2213-08-02-17-10-37In the meantime, Curtis, Sharayah and Philip have arrived, bring aIMG_2214-08-02-17-10-34 breath of that fresh Canadian air and they are busy mixing cement and putting in the rebar into the beam pockets for the 2nd floor of the building.  They have been doing some hand application but the shot-crete machine arrived today and though we thought that they would start working right away, they will be back tomorrow for work.  It is being hired for $4400. for the job and that includes the manpower as well as the product for the whole job.  Both coats ready for the painting inside and out for the whole house.  The upper flour will be poured Monday if all goes according to plan. 

Just an update on those who might want to sponsor the education and food costs for a  needy child that has been identified from the community:  For 7.25/month, you can provide the education and breakfast & lunch for one of the 50 children that have been noted by the school teachers as being particularly needy from the surrounding slum communities. What can you give up for $7.25 a month?  It is not a big sacrifice for us but one that will make lasting results on some child’s life.  Help us to help them.  We have already gotten a few responses but need more. Please let me know by emailing: so that we can begin the paperwork. Thank you.

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