Stephen 2015 (2)Meet Steven.  He is 11 years old and is in grade 3.  His father is handicapped and his mom does small jobs to support the family.  He was sent to live with an aunt whose income was still not adequate to support him so he now lives at Bethel.  Steven is always smiling and is the first one to run to help you when he sees you need an extra pair of hands. He has leadership ability and in some ways he is older than his years.  Steven’s not sponsored as yet….



Eli 2015 (3)


Now meet another very happy, gentle boy.  His name is Eli (pronounced Elly).  He is 5 years old and in middle class.  He also lives in Bethel.  His mom abandoned him when he was a baby and his father is physically and mentally challenged.







Nicholas, George, Morgan & Felix

Nicholas, George, Morgan & Felix

The boys received the rabbits around Christmas time. Morgan takes full responbilibty for the rabbits, feeding and cleaning their cage twice a day. He was found hammering a little cage and when asked what it was for, he said that one is going to have babies so this is for that rabbit. He’s also reminded that he can’t be with his rabbits but has to go and play with his friends.

None of these boys have sponsors. Would you like to help out?



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