Washing the walls has proven to be a difficult task. They are having to scrap with a paint scrapper and then wash them after pouring water on to help to soften the dirt from the fire. 

That has shown us the weakness of the cement in those area that need to be replaced. So now there is clean up and the cement guy starts today (Wed.)  to repair the walls and fill in at the foot of the trusses and the walls again.  




You can see how blacken they were. And if you look closely at the picture on the right you can see the wire mesh and the white styrofoam that has been scrapped & removed in the one bedroom. 

The plumber is starting his work as well so that the ceiling board can be ready to be put on as soon as the new metal roof is installed. They will, hopefully, get the metal on April 19th. 

The damage is somewhat more than what we had been told and thought would be so please pray that God will stretch the money that we have and have received to cover all the expenses. 

Brian has been there less than one week and has made great time with completing the re-building of the trusses.  Today he is working on  putting the gutters (eavestrough) on the both buildings to channel the rain away from the two buildings.  He is also putting on the screen into the openings for the guest rooms area of Rusty Hostel (the boys dorm).  This will provide a,hopefully, mosquito free environment for those who are there to help out in the future so that there is a place for them to sit and relax at the end of the day with a book or a cup of coffee/tea.


Though it’s hard to see who it is sitting on that truss, we know that it’s got to be Brian because of his pale skin!  But he’s trying to catch some of that hot sun.  Though it dips down to 17 or 18 C during the night it’s up at 30-32 C during the day. 

Cathy will be appalled after all the work that she did to try to clean out and organize the container.  However, after the fire anything that was of value was put into the container so to find the tools that had been left there required moving out much of the contents!


















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