Someone pointed out to me that it was NOT Brian up on the trusses but rather Michael.  Michael has been a gem to have. Not only is he teaching the older grades in subjects like Math, he is also the Administrator who is responsible for the running of facility in many ways under the Director’s, Edith Chamah, directive. Now he has changed hats and has joined Brian up on the roof with the construction while school is on a holiday break. 

Progress?  Well,Brian has been sick but is doing better now. Don has arrived and the two are working as much as possible. Pray for health and strength

The walls are proving to be hard to do and time consuming but they are getting done. The trusses are done and we are only waiting for the arrival of the metal roof.  The verandah has been screen in and now is a nice area to be able to sit, mosquito free (don’t know if you can ever be free of those little things!!)  The gutters and fascia are on both buildings.

So what has to be finished? 


  1. The electrical will be done either Saturday or Monday
  2. The plumber finishes on Tuesday
  3. The cement guy starts on Tuesday and will be done by Thursday
  4. On Thursday, if the metal arrives then they will begin putting on the metal. 
  5. Thursday the sewer guy comes to talk about finishing the job of connecting the latrines into the line
  6. Ceiling board will be installed after the electrical & plumbing has been completed.
  7. Painting will begin after that.
  8. Hanging the 3 interior doors.

That’s a big list and most of it hinges on other people. So pray that all these things will be completed before they leave on the 26th of April.


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