Today the Gideons came to Bethel to give New Testaments to the children in school from Grade 3-7 and complete Bibles to the teachers.  They also left extra Bibles for future distribution. The kids are showing off the new Bibles. I noticed the Muslim girl Hadijah with a huge smile on her face   She looked very excited. Please continue to pray for her as she will now bring a Bible into her Muslim home.  This now gives them an opportunity to check and see what the Bible has to say.


Dave caught Randy taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers. 

As for the work,  they are filling the cracks in the cement and starting to apply the primer for the cement. It’s good to have Rick back with the team from the hospital.  Pastor Chamah found a guitar that Robert is making excellent use of each evening after supper with the whole group of team members and kids.  This is right up his alley! 

Friday Randy will talk to a couple of painters and see if they will fill and paint the outside of the house.


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