Pastor Rusty arrived after  the ordeal of traveling, trying to find the taxi driver to take him to the hotel and then leaving early in the morning to catch the last flight to Kisumu. He only just arrived when he was surrounded by a number of children.

Pray for him as he has a lot of speaking between now and Monday when they all leave.


Pam is just finishing the last of the  interior walls and then they are all painted. The exterior is almost done. Painting of the windows are well on the way. The veranda roof is on.

The 2nd floor ceiling panels came today and will be installed. Glass for the windows also came today and will be puttied into the frames when the painting is complete. Doors are mostly painted. Dave writes, ” Hopefully we can pull it off getting it done in 2-3 days. Thanks for prayers.” 

“Sunday is the big dedication service for the new house. Today the guest of honour for the dedication meal arrived. He’s tied up to a tree getting himself fattened up. ” Dave.







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