Another hot day and everyone was getting pretty tired.  We finished digging the trenches and the 12 piles .  A huge team effort for all.  Most days we had from 6-8 men on the job working for the average daily wage of 300/= (shillings) which comes close to $4.00/day.  Hard to image that Randy’s bob cat would have completed this in a day’s work compared to the 4 days of manual labour.   However, we are thankful to be this far.

The gravel for compacting arrived by the dump truck.  We will start the compacting Monday am. Have to get the rebar and bend it and get a cement mixer (a diesel one), hopefully, that we will rent for several days as we start the concrete work. Sunday we will have a dedication of the work with the AIC Ramba church and serve the church leaders tea and mandazis  ( my cooking will really be tested!!)

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