Each time I sit down to write a post I’m never sure what I’m going to write about. Then I look back over some recent pictures and I could easily talk your ear off. So, sit back with your Saturday morning coffee and enjoy. by the way it’s 4:30pm Saturday as I post this, so it’s 8:30am Saturday back home.

Isaac teaching Bible Study

Isaac teaching Bible Study

This is Isaac he comes to the Bethel compound every Saturday to host a bible study with everyone. Our Orphanage children as well as anyone from the community. And after bible study it’s time for community games. First a game that involves teamwork. 10 kids transferring 6 cups of water from a basin to a Coke bottle. Only using their hands and passing it from one person to another. I wish I could post the video because the cheering is deafening. My boys team lost because they didn’t get one drop into the bottle. An exciting day for the girls!!!!











20150313_181920Now, on to another great topic. Our cook is named Gordon, and he jogs 2 hours every morning to get to the orphanage. He is always here with a fire burning long before I get up!!  So Dave Derksen and I dug an old bike out of storage and sent one of the boys up town to get it fixed. 250 shillings later (about $3.50) the tires were fixed, new bearings, and a grease job!  He was grinning ear to ear as he road out of the compound, and he was still smiling this morning…. Oh, I forgot to mention Gordon is ALWAYS smiling.







20150314_095225  I can’t end this post without showing you how I found the boys early in the morning. This load of rock was dumped at dusk last night. Before bible study started today the boys had the load spread along the road that approaches our property. Working hard, and playing hard is what puts the smiles on everyone’s face.













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