Pastor Chamah, Randy & Joan headed for the Nairobi markets for checking out prices for the fencing and paint. We were not going to take a chance on the toilets & sinks traveling the road to Kisumu. This took the whole day of searching and then bargaining.  The hardware store that we settled on in on the main road to Kisumu so the  truck will pick up these materials on the way .  The fencing was almost ½ the price which saved us a lot which will help to pay for the transportation costs.

In the meantime, Sieg, Dave and Jack took off for the Zoo to see some of those long necked creatures! and then they met up with Evans and his new wife and Esther downtown for a late lunch. Later Willis and Rose (his fiancé) and Esther and her friend, David, all where at Peter and Heather Grafe’s for supper. We were so thankful for the hospitality.


Rose, Willis, Pastor Chamah                           Evans and his wife Gorrety



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