It’s hard to believe that it is March already.  We have been 5 weeks already. Today the downstairs windows and doors sent in and we were able to cement around them.  On Monday we will get two more professional foondie (someone who does this as a living) to help Samuel with applying the cement to the walls.  We hope to pour the upper floor on Tuesday but the downstairs walls have to be finished first.

So here are some other pictures – the country side as we look toward the hills and some of the local kids.


Time out with Zach:

After much deliberation and some frustration with the way the cement was being applied around the window frames we accomplished what felt like the impossible..all the windows installed have the first coat of mud supporting them.  This is my first time in Africa (Zach here).  Very little happens as one would think or want.  Constant deliberation is needed, communication between us and the local help is an on going challenge but every day we progress, Amen!  It is an amazing experience to see the impact that this build is already having on the community.  Students from the local post secondary institutions are coming to watch/see.  Locals are constantly meandering onto the property to investigate and bring many smiles and thanks.  The need is great.  It will be sad to leave before the project is complete but I feel an open invitation to visit/help again.  Zach

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