The ceiling is finished and now  George is helping Seth install a light in the boy’s dorm. 

There were  about 100 kids who showed up to help move sand and fill around the new house. It doesn’t take long to spread  4 loads of fill.  They moved it with whatever container they could find – mostly paint pails.




Looking at both the main house (which will now become the girls dorm) and the boys dorm on the right.

The boys dorm has a large open area on the main floor plus offices for Mrs. Chamah and  the Administrator as will as guest rooms for future guests. There is also a verandah that will be screened for extra space for the guest area. 

Meanwhile the bougainvilleas are blooming all around the fence area.

Things are ready for the dedication service for Sunday afternoon

Meanwhile all the school classrooms have cement floors now. 




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