So Saturday the boys, especially, were very excited to start the move up to their new quarters.

Their personal locker boxes or suitcases (which ever they had) containing their possessions were carried upstairs followed a chain of mattresses being carried up to put on the beds. 

Curtains were not ready for Sunday but are being put up Monday. It is a very large open room  (only 1/2 of the room is pictured) with the younger boys on one side with 6 bunks separated by some blue curtains to divide them from the older boys.  Felix, our college age student has been and will continue to be the “patron” to help to supervise the boys and be the adult there for the night. 




The two houses, pictured side by side looking very similar.

The chairs are set up and ready for the Sunday dedication service and then are the new chairs for the kids who were sitting on the floor and stairs for supper. 


The team left early afternoon  on Monday to return from Kisumu to Nairobi and then will leave Nairobi at  8:40 pm. They will arrive back home in Winnipeg at 6:15 pm after having flying for 22 hours on 4 connecting flights and having a total of 7 hours layover.  They are all coming back with the exception of Seth who decided to stay an extra week and Robyn who remains there til mid June helping out with the work. Seth with return later in the following week after the solar power has started to be installed. Pray for safe travel for them and for comfortable flights. 




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