IMG_1977-17-01-17-07-39We want to introduce one of the women on our team – Sara. She is our on-site welder. Today was the first day of serious starting to fabricate the windows for the home. She is training Millicent (Milly) who knows that she would not be able IMG_1966-17-01-17-12-01to get a job for a company  as a welder as it is considered to be only a man’s job.  But that’s ok because she hopes to get trained enough to  then go and write an exam and take extra training so that she can start her own business and train other women.  So Sara might be training the first Kenyan woman welder?! Both are excited to begin.

David showed up to  help connect things up electrically and get a welding table up, explaining a few things to her and today with the help of Al, who made some jigs for cutting and fitting the windows, she is now set.  Tomorrow the work will begin in earnest. Further pictures coming.




But when Sara is not at the welding table, previously you might have found her either in a hole, working away or with some of the kids, just hanging out! 




On a totally different note a couple of wonderful things occured today.

Firstly, we are able to get a cement truck deliver concrete to the site this time at a cheaper rate than what we can get in Manitoba!  The last time we asked in 2014 it IMG_2343was 3 x’s the price.  Also, we have found a new security company who has taken over as of tonight guarding the property and the material.  The guard is a Christian man for the night time and he was early  so he started to play some games with the kids.  This is a totally different type of company and one that will be easy to pay the extra 2,000 KES that they ask (abt $25.00) more a month.  (He is the man in the white shirt).

IMG_1988-17-01-17-07-47They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so on the left is the start of the digging of the holes. On the right is what it looked like mid IMG_2012-17-01-17-07-48day today.

We have now dug all the 12 holes for the piles and the trenches so that the bottom of the pads can be poured tomorrow and the stirrups can start to be bent and the rebar cut to length.   Talk to you tomorrow.














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