Sunday morning started at 8 am with the dining room now becoming  Bethel Chapel where the children in the home organized, lead and preached the morning message.  In the 2 hour service we had lively singing lead by the song leading team, a couple of skits, and testimonies of what some of the children learned from the “Pastor” who is Nicolas.   It was interesting to see Charity, who will be 13, lead a group of 60+ people. 

I am amazed at the organization of how this family works. An older child will be assigned their own “child/children” so that they are responsible for caring and helping them along in all the things that they do – from laundry to homework. As the child grows then they will do the same for younger children.  There are positions of Head Leader of all,  Games person, the bell ringer (for early in the morning!), etc…  We are developing leaders in all aspects of life! Even the youngest who is 2 years old has a role in the song leading and all respect her as she leads in a song. All are valued for just who they are.

Right after the church service we started to hand out the clothing that we brought over. Everyone received something from the “store” which included a dress, shirt, pants, top as well as underwear. They were able to come in small groups to choose and the delight was evident!   They were also each handed a new toothbrush.











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