IMG_2052-23-01-17-12-56Sunday, our team decided to divide up. Some stayed with the Bethel Chapel where IMG_2055-23-01-17-12-54 (1)Emily was their pastor and spoke the message about God’s love for us and that we are adopted by God into His family.  Afterwards, the kids & leaders really got into colouring  while Seth took some of the boys to try to some drumming. 

The “older group” of us  went to an AIC church. Mrs. Chamah told us it would be 3 hours long but it turned out to be 4!  After a really lively and energetic time of praise and worship, followed by some very encouraging  testimonies where it was clear to see the hand of God blessing and taking care of people. Then we had the speaker who was substituting for the pastor speak for what must have been an hour. It took several hours before my head had quieted down after the loud music but it was a wonderful message on having true humility. 

We returned for a very late lunch, a time of discussion with Sharon who arrived from nursing school and then early to bed for some.  However, Emily brought out the UNO cards and the kids were all around her in an instant until 10pm!

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