Jack took this gorgeous picture in the early morning. He certainly has an eye for taking great pictures and is a real asset to our team this way.  We were ready to sit for breakfast after we had removed our bedding from the church only to be told that the load of sand was coming a day early.  But better a day early and a day late!  No dump truck, however, so there were showers again!

After the church service we had a dedication service for the new building and the property itself. Pastor Vitalis  had a teaching and Pastor Chamah had members of his family present to verify that the property was, in African tradition, being freely given for the use of orphan work.  There was a prayer offered and tea and mandazis served for approximately 60 people.  It is a privilege to be greeted by these people and welcomed into their mist. They are very hospitable.   (On the left is the roof of the church and the right is our little home that we welcomed them with tea)


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