IMG_1257Yesterday started with Kevin (aka Emmanuel) starting to prepare the base for the water tank to sit on. IMG_1255 IMG_1256 He had 3 of the older boys and they worked to level and make a square foundation.  The boys just loved learning & working alongside.  By the IMG_1262end of the day, Samuel, who had helped last year, had completed the cement work for 800/= (9.00) compared to the 2800/= that he had orginally asked for.  Our white faces seem to attract higher prices!  The cement will be kept wet for the next couple of days & then the tank put on top.  We are almost ready for the coming rains.


IMG_1264IMG_1263Meanwhile,  the mud and the hole continue to go down.

Jasmyn has a special following of children who just want to hold her hand, walk and talk to her. Not that she can understand but the little ones seem to connect to her like a magnet!

Austine + Morgon

Austine + Morgon

IMG_1241During her school hours, she is often found teaching English to the students who  are behind in their classes mainly because they can not read or comprehend English well enough to be able to write the exams.  She is also trying to teach Felix how to assist these children with teaching after she has left. The biggest problem is the lack of almost any reading material. We take books so for granted at home. Here they almost don’t know what to do with them. We have to teach them,  that the few that we have, how to handle them with care. If we have time we will try to find some story books on the street markets before we leave.

Let me close by telling you about two brothers, Austine  (Gr.2) and Morgan (Gr.4). Morgan is the one who loves the rabbits and can be found helping out in many areas. He certainly pitches in wherever he sees a need. Austine is harder to get to know but he has such a good example in his brother, I’m sure he will continue to grow, and with the good influence, become his own person. Neither one of these young boys are yet sponsored.

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