We don’t sleep in – even Sundays. Up at 6:30 to tidy our beds up for the church service that follows and have breakfast.  We had some extra time so the guys removed from the container the former dining room table – a large piece of furniture but we are getting to be 9-12 people for each meal. When we get to pouring the floor we will be adding another 10 people to that for cooking.

Brad and Zach arrived this morning but like a lot of things, they were a bit late so though the rest of the team was at the Bandani church service, some of us arrived just at the very end when they were all shaking hands. We were then invited to Pastor Martin Obuya’s home and were feed a meal. There had to be about 18 of us as more of the church leaders arrived.

Later, the ladies rode in the car back to the house and the men took the 1/2 hour walk. While on the walk we could see kids getting water for their drinking use just from the ditches. Even though there was “drinking” water further away, they didn’t walk to get it.  Now we assemble the beds again and get ready for a few hours of rest because tomorrow means LOTS of work!  The pile of rocks that Jack is sitting having his morning devotions on gets carried (by hand) to be placed into the foundation and then a fine gravel compacted on top.  Then we are ready for pouring!

Just for comparison:  it’s 28 C and the humidity is 44% .  Winnipeg is – 31C with probably little humidity but lots of wind!  Pray for the boys that they will pace themselves and give themselves time to adjust and not tackle the jobs ahead.

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