Our kitchen

Flew to Kisumu in the morning and still made is to the church service at the AIC Ramba church (located right next door to where we are building) We were introduced and had a pop and biscuits with the pastor and some of the church leaders.

We then walked to our ‘house’ that we had built in July 2012.  We walked into an oven – the middle of the day that tin gets REAL hot!  Joan went grocery shopping with Mrs. Chamah for the next few days. Later we met with David (he is one of the graduates – in welding- from Bethel), to determine the size of the windows. Frank, the contractor who is helping us, came to give us the final blueprints.      The four of slept the first night in the bunk beds but it was not only hot but we later, in the middle of the night, found out just how many holes our mosquito nets had!


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