Sunday morning we attended the church service at the AIC Ramba (where we sleep). Well some of us even attended the English service and than also the Lou service where they started to also speak part English for  our sake.  In the afternoon, we were invited to Pastor Jeremiah’s and his wife Dorkis’s home up in the hill country.  They have been married 7 months and we talked about the custom of wedding and dating and what they did compared to the traditional culture.  They are also cycle-breakers because they are living in his parents house after their death. Something that is not done here.

Well, Monday found us back at the site. We are directly inline with the airport so we had a picture of Craig’s plane as it arrived on Friday evening.   To day, however, instead of planes flying in we noticed that our new-comer to the work site was either trying to see if he could fly or maybe he was attempting to tire the wire on the outside of the building.  He did finally come down for food!!

Breakfast is either French toast, scrambled eggs & pancakes or porridge with tea or coffee for Sieg.

The cutest and the ugliest –  you will have no problem deciding what I mean!!