For those that are following us almost each day, we are sorry for the delay – our internet was down – even though we had paid for it, they still shut us down until we phoned them to complain!  No problem they say and it gets turned on.  – Joan


This is Jack here, today is my last full day here at the site in Kisumu. I leave Wednesday morning with Sieg Grafe for Nairobi by bus, which I am told is quite an experience. Anyway, I get to give all of you who are following the blog one last update.

Last night we saw our Masai guard practicing with his bow, so Dave and I went out to take his picture. Afterwards I showed him the picture and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

At some point this weekend Joan got to hold a baby, which she quite enjoys.

And here is a picture of Sieg planting a papaya tree. Now that most of the work on site is happening on the roof or on scaffolding, Sieg has taken up helping in other places. And he sure does do quite a bit around here.

Even Sharon and Sheila have been helping with the building, in addition to cooking all our food and washing our clothes. Maybe they just like to bug Dave while he’s working…