Sorry folks, due to power failure and internet connections being inconsistant, we have not been able to keep you updated but here we are again…

On Sunday, we attended the English service at the Ramba church – very few people because most come for the 2nd service in the local language. But we were challenged and spoken to. After that we had lunch in the new building and were asked many questions by the church people when they came over after the 2nd service to check on the progress of the building.  Later in the afternoon, Pastor Chamah and some of the children arrived on their way back home.

Here is Annika playing with some of pieces of Styrofoam product and Sheila and Maureen are looking on.  The closest that we can come to snow is the Styrofoam beads!!

Monday morning, as we were just finishing our breakfast that we eat outside each day, we noticed some oxen walking by to plow the field just in front of us.  You can see that we are pretty close to the road – though this was zoomed up on the camera to get a good picture.  But notice – the older lady is the one that is handling the plow while the men are walking and dealing with the oxen.  There seems to be something wrong with this picture!   Then we have Samuel down in the latrine starting to put the cement on the walls of ground to seal up the  walls so that he can only support the wall forms on the inside (and the ground will support on the outside).


The work continues on the latrine but we have someone who is observing and looks like he is falling asleep and Eric, one of our workers coming along to push him in!  There is a good spirit on the work site even though there is hard work to be done.  WE FINALLY STARTED THE CEMENT!!!  We did the back wall with the cement and will be starting first thing in the am with continuing.  We have had a couple of different groups come to see what is happening with this type of building construction: the first this am was a group of about 8 men from Tinderet which is a Christian college – where people learn practical skills – like at Red River Community College and then also a gentleman from the local teaching college who teaches construction. He was around on Saturday and again today to check on the progress.  Both have said that they would like to send helpers to give us a hand with the cem