Sorry, folks for the delay.  Sunday we had our worship service with the Ramba church – we started at 9 am for the English service, had a short break and then had the Lou service (with some English included). After that, the church wanted to show us appreciation by providing for us a lunch of chicken (called kookoo here usually) and rice, etc. It was very good and enjoyable. After that we discussed the possible course material with one of our workers and then some of the guys went to the market to get some things to take home.  Randy and Tony finished the wiring so that Tony could leave  early Monday am (4:30) for where he is working. This was the gorgeous sunset that we had on Sunday evening.   Monday we were telling all of us that we have to really pull up our socks because the time is getting short. We hired to additional cement plasterers and 4 extra local men to help carry.  All did not either work hard or not have the right attitude. We find that if we work with them then we are aware of what is happening and give them further jobs or encourage them along – the work is hard to do. By the end of Monday we had our guys finish off the 1st coat of cement on the two remaining sides of the upper floor and the other men were working on the inside. Monday evening we actually saw the rainbow before the storm hit. It was so loud on the roof the metal house that we had to shout to give thanks for the supper meal – even though we knew that God didn’t need to hear us shouting to Him!  And how wonderful is that!