Many thanks to Dave who took this picture this morning – a beautiful sunrise.

Kisumu is almost at the equator, so there is little difference in the setting and rising of the sun compared to North American.  They get about 12 hours so the sun rise is just around 6:45.

And so the day has long been started there and by lunch time they had the trusses up.  Now the end of the building will be closed in with the EPS panels. The strapping will be going on ready for the metal roof sheets that should hopefully arrive at some time on Wednesday.

So when you think that this is where we were 4 1/2 weeks ago, Jan 13th to now, we have come a long ways. Yet there is still a lot left to do before Mar 13 when the team leaves.

Tony & Seth are putting their heads together to work out a price on solar panel power and what that will take. The electrical power supply is unpredictable and we are hoping that this will generate power for both buildings at a constant rate.

On a totally different note –  ANOTHER BIRTHDAY!  Philip’s turn this time!  But missing from the picture are his wife and little daughter who are waiting back at home for him.  I’m sure there’s another birthday party coming later on!

Happy Birthday Philip.

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