It’s been awhile since we have updated you on how things are going at Bethel Children’s Home and Bethel Christian Learning Centre. So  some brief updates:

The girls have all moved back into the girls dorm  and have settled down to life once again. 

The one biggest change is that as the country of Kenya waits for the election to happen in August of this year, the economy is struggling.  Food prices have risen 3 times their original value and in some of the stores the shelves are empty.  All this making the cost of food much more expensive and hard to find. 

So please pray for a peaceful election and that God would have His Hand of protection over the poor and the orphaned living in these conditions. 

Bethel Christian Learning Centre has over 230 students. The teachers take time to mark the books and encourage the students  in further studies.

Teacher Evans is a wonderful asset to our teaching staff. He made be small in stature but he makes up for it in heart and encouragement of the students.






Our principle Elizabeth is a quiet force that gives direction for the whole of the school.

Frederick keeps the staff laughing and his classes enjoy his sense of humor as well. Yet he takes the time for each child.













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