Well, today might have been the most frustrating day that Randy has had. Working with the lumber that is available is the challenge. It is not only twisted but  very precious so he is using the roof truss materials for forming the grade beam to pour the concrete and then will strip them and reuse them for the roof. But there’s not enough so then he is having to use the pieces of the outer part of the tree to make up the remainder.

David arrived and has established his little workshop  for manufacturing of the windows and doors.  The cost of the material is about 1300.00 – pretty cheap compared to what we pay but then there is nothing fancy. We are having Brad and Zach bring screen bar and screening. We are adapting the hardware so that we can hopefully make a “new” window so that it will try to be more bug free.  They don’t put screens into their windows that we have seen.  There are screens in windows where there have been Europeans living.

The fencing is almost finished and the spare guys who have nothing to do at the time being have made a little trench so that we can plant the bougainvillea flowers closer to the rainy season. This will give added security because of the thorns.

Some pictures of the local “laundry day” and some of the faces that we see around all the time.

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