Well today was the day that we said goodbye to Craig – we can’t believe just how fast 2 weeks has gone.  But here we are saying goodbye and he got on David’s motorcycle with his large check-in suitcase between himself and David and they were off – to the airport. We really appreciated his help and the girls, Sheila and Sharron were already missing him and his teasing!  We were looking to wave bye to the plane but it must of gone the other way.  But, Jack got a picture of this great bird – don’t know what it is but we know that it’s out hunting for something tasty!

Today the men started the  cementing downstairs on the ceiling of the 2nd floor. What a mess – at least 1/2 of the material ends up on the floor and they have to have it picked up and then redo it again.  There will be 3 coats when finished in a couple of days. We have put plastic on the windows as we have already cleaned the cement out of them once already.  And, can you notice that these are the same metal sheets that we used for the latrine that  is holding their cement – and they say that they will still be good for the latrine – we’ll see just how much cement ends up on them!