After pounding down the fine stone by hand, we laid down poly and then wire mesh ready for the pouring of the floor. The guys are just now putting up the forms for the floor. It will take them til dark and maybe beyond to complete.

Today was a day of understanding our two English languages – though we could hear the words properly, we did not understand what they really meant so after much  talking we have finally understood the cement, sand, gravel ratio that the men will use. They will hand mix the cement and say that it will be done in one day – no problem! We are storing up water in case we have a slow down in the water pressure like what we had earlier today. The men will arrive at 7am and we will begin the day after a few minutes of devotions.

We will be so thankful to get out of the dirt. We have to still do some small piles for the veranda but that is not priority. Gilbert, the plumber who is helping us, came and helped with the rough in plumbing and told us about the outdoor latrines’ size.  He is suggesting a 10,000 Litre tank but we will do something much smaller!  We will have the guys start to dig that when there is a free minute or day and then get someone who does that for a living to come and cement that for us. The house toilets will flow into that and will be pumped out maybe 2 times a year. He told us that the shower and kitchen waters can be just drained and put into a separate pit to go into the ground with no problem. Because he  works for water stewardship we will take his advice. He helped us last time with bringing in the water.

We will talk to you soon….. Pray for our work day tomorrow as we pour concrete.


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