Briton & Velma's home

Briton & Velma’s home

Bethel Home is situated between 2 slums – Kotur and Bandani. The people of the community call Bethel  “a beacon of hope for the area” where before they felt their children had no chance to better their lives.

Now Bethel Home provides food, clothing, education and medical care for those in our care.  It also provides education, breakfast and lunch for those in the community who live at home with a guardian who is unable to care for them adaquately.


Briton & Mom

Briton was sick today and missed school. They think that he has malaria. His mom keeps medicine on hand for such cases.  Briton is not sponsored but Velma, his sister is.


While walking  in the village we were asked to take a picture of a couple of older men and several groups of children.VelmaIMG_0881

inside Briton's & Velma's home

inside Briton’s & Velma’s home


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