Randy, Dave & Jack accompanied  Mrs. Chamah to the area that she originally came from – about 60 miles away.  There we bought 5 trees for our trusses for the roof, fascia, interior door frames. Some will do double duty  with holding up the 2nd floor as a support when the concrete is poured.

They picked the trees and the cutting started. It is cheaper to have the lumber coming this way than going to the local lumber store and getting it from them. Hopefully, our list was right the first time! Guys came back about 6:30.


At the site:  they continued digging the tree  and started digging the holes for the fence.

You will see Pastor Chamah’s  uncle sitting on the ground observing the day’s happenings. He has walked several miles to come to town to see and will return home the same way. Dave unloading the cedar fence posts.

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