Easter is the time when we remember back to the time when we struggled to remove the dirt of sin and guilt in our lives. But then along came the Son of God, Jesus Christ,  who took that cup of sin and washed us clean so that now, if we accept that free gift,  God sees us as having no sin (even though WE may struggle with this fact, He doesn’t).  He, however, loves us and sees us as sinless and clean. And resurrection Sunday is the day that we can all celebrate HIS victory over the grave. 

I’m not sure that Brian was thinking of that when he took this picture but you can tell that he was in need of some deep cleaning!  When asked about how he did his laundry, his comment was “Well, when you are taking your “shower”, there is basin of water there so you just put your clothes in there and stomp on them with your feet and wash them that way.  By the time you’re finished your shower, your clothes are good to go!”  

We all know that’s not going to work here. I wonder if it working out well there? 

Wishing everyone a Blessed Resurrection Sunday!













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