Well, the metal FINALLY was delivered today. Two  weeks later than what was told to us.  But the bad thing is that Randy is sick again.  So pray for Randy to get better so that he can tackle the roof. Sara as well is not feeling well again.  But Laurie is arriving soon with probiotics!

Meanwhile, the workers applying the cement are doing the final coat on the north end of the house so it will soon be ready for painting. 






David, one of the older Bethel child who is now a successful welder,  is finally cutting metal for the stairs. But because the power has been off for 5 days out of 7 days, he’s scrambling to get stuff done in the limited amount of time he has. He announced today that their baby girl was born on the weekend. 

Sara and Robyn are the cooks now that Janet and then Cathy have left. You’ll have to ask them what they’re making.





Sunday is, of course, church and here Stacy is captured by Dave worshipping during her prayer time. It’s wonderful to hear all the children praying at one time as they talk to their Heavenly Father.

Later, on Sunday, another church came to visit and brought along some clothes for the children.  So they sorted though who could fit what. 




Then there is always time to laze around and enjoy one another’s company!  Edith, Robyn, Lorna and little TisTis are caught at such a moment. 

This is Felix relaxing up on the peak of the rafters Saturday. Hopefully not getting TOO RELAXED and fall off!. 

This is Felix O.  intently watching a candle flame when the power was off when he was supposed to be doing homework. 








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