It is exactly 4 weeks and we are having to get on that airplane and return!  We feel the pressure daily but are still quite confident that we will be able to be finished in time.

New things learned:  when you have hold in your new sewer pipe because you stepped on it (!)  you just make a little fire, heat up the pipe, make it fit (because it hot and pliable now) and join it to the new one.

Sieg is taking a break from the work in the sun and watching Samuel as he  puts the floor into the latrine. The rebars have been bent and are ready for the cheapest forming material that we can find – metal sheets which we will brake with some wood. We will keep you posted on the toilet situation!!

You know that song ” we’ll be coming around the corner, when we come” – Well here we are towards 3 pm today – temperature was 34C but the humidity today was only 16% so perfect drying weather. This was the hottest side of the building and we know that we really should make the veranda roof a priority but have said that it might not get on this time around.

We have been so blessed to have such a great team of workers – two, I will humbly say are our nephews – Brad and Zach. I have tried to beg and plead but today I did book the flight from Kisumu to Nairobi for them for next Thursday.  We will be very sad to see them leave as they have helped us immensely.  But then we DO have a great team. We have struggled with the heat, the living conditions, the illness, etc and still we are all on the same page. We have had to ask for forgiveness and admit our faults at times but then that’s part of living together – kinda like a family!

In order to celebrate – Sieg, Randy and Zach have gone to get an electrical cord and some ice cream.  Hopefully they make it back before it melts! Talk to you all soon.



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