We have started to get use to the rooster waking us up at some hour in the early morning and the patter of little feet as they walk pass our room upstairs right at the head of the stairs.  We are very thankful that we have this room with a couple of beds to use. The office space would have been almost unbearable due to the size & the activity of the home and office.

IMG_0656We look out the house front door towards the school building and you see first of all a yard where the kids are playing. These are the children on Sunday as they are not in their uniforms.Every morning they all gather the leaves, twigs or whatever might be on the compound & carry it to the burning area.

Mrs. Chamah said that in the rainy season during December it was really muddy and the kids played in the mud making a runway for the planes to land (the internation airport is just a stone’s throw away so they always see the planes coming and going) and they made little houses with cars and the like.  It was a large area that they created and they really enjoyed working on together. The little ones would bring the mud and the older ones would do the modeling.  She said that they worked at that for days, making their own little village!  Simple things to enjoy.

Today, Cathy pulled boxes of old books out of the container that Mandy & I (Joan) had put in there back in 2012 when we packed up that container. There she was able to find some great textbooks that are usable either as part of the teaching aids for now or as a resource. She has totally organized the storage room. The day flys by and you wonder why it seems that you have only managed to do this much and not the rest of the things on your list!  However, there’s always another day.  And hopefully, we don’t get up at 5:30am again thinking that we are getting up at 6:30!

Talk to you later.  Joan


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