The day started with the  arrival of our constuction supervisor from last year, Frank, who looked into the pit that was dug.  He said that we needed to dig down and remove the top 1 meter of soil to make it more solid and stable in the wet.  So, the men set to work and started to dig around the top and by the end of the day they had removed the soil.

Then we had the IMG_1279delivery of the material for the turkey house on a tuktuk – with is no more than a motorcycle with three wheels. He was totally loaded down with the poles for the building and 30 metal sheets along with some plumbing pipes. He could hardly get out of the machine!

The guy who was building the turkey structure was also here.  Our boys, during lunch time, helped with the making of the holes for the poles to go into.

IMG_1281IMG_1284By the end of the day, the structure was up, the metal was on the roof.  He had made great progress.



IMG_1283IMG_1282Tomorrow we will lay the pipe from the latrine to the pit, put sheets of metal around to hold in (like a form) the concrete and we’ll pour the concrete against the mud walls, clean out the pit of the mud that fell in, and Frank said to dig it 9 ft deeper!  It should be 20′.  After that, we will have a PILE of dirt to get rid of but there are lots of holes to locate it to.

Today, I spend most of the afternoon teaching Musa (Moses) how to send and receive emails, skype and doing the computer work. This is a new job for him but one that he will tackle and accomplish. He is our Manager and has retired from the local community college and has many years of practical teaching and brings to us his wisdom in school organization.  His challenge is to bring that wisdom down to grade 1 & 2 levels!  But, that will also come in time.  So little time left here and yet so many things yet to do.  Yet with the passing of each day, part of me longs to be back home with family and friends but the other part of me longs to be here to help fill the empty cups that these children have emotionally. But these are still early months for them here and time will heal some of these hurts.

Talk to you later, Joan

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