Reconstruction or renovation work can be so messy. Most times it’s easier to build from scratch and have everything new.  So you can imagine when you can’t just wash the cement walls to get the mess of the fire burn off – what do you do?  You scrap and then get the cemen guyt & painter to repair what needs to be done.  Brian (& Don, his side kick) sent the following update:

The electrical & plumbing have been completed. 

The parts of the wall where the styrofoam was melted completely has been stuffed with new styrofoam. Plaster (cement work)  is coming along nicely, They are finished the main room and on to patching the rest of the building

However, the metal that was to have been delivered on Wednesday or maybe Thursday has now been moved to Monday.  Very frustrating as the guys leave on Tuesday to return to Nairobi.  They have been waiting for not quite a week for this material and have been filling their time with other things but the metal is one of the big tasks to be completed.  Please pray that it comes earlier so that they can start sooner. 



The three door frames have needed to be replaced have been busted out and u mesh has been installed along with the new door frames.

Ceiling board starts today.








We have built a couple platforms for water tanks, one for the new building and one for an over flow on the existing. The water tanks hold the city water as it gets pumped up to the attic and then it gravity feeds down to the facility.

(You can’t just put a piece of drywall in and tape the seams. Here the plumbing had melted and a hole had to be punched into the wall to allow for the new hookups.)





What we did find out was that during the fire, in the panic and hurry that occurred there, as people were assisting in removing things from the main floor of the house, our 3 drinking water filtering containers were picked up and when they realized that they had water and sand in them, they used them for putting on the fire. 

Pastor Chamah has now commissioned someone to build another water container but this one is going to be cement like the one that you see in the picture. Still sand filtered but it won’t be picked up!  They have been using chlorinated tablets to provide good drinking water for everyone.


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