Making a ginger bread house with the grand kids means lots of candy and icing, laughter, licking of sticky fingers, and, of course, licking the odd candy or two, as a 4 year old and 20 month old “help out”.  It doesn’t take much to make them happy!

As we listen to the news or read any of the articles available for us, it does not take very long for us to know that the world that we live in is a very hard place to live.  Stories of staggering poverty, communities that are ravaged by war, children being exploited, left hungry or discarded. We can become overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems and want to just turn to what is peaceful and joyous ignoring the hard truths around us. Or want to help but sit paralyzed by not know what to do.  But read on and see what can happen…Maurice

It’s been just over a year since 40+ children started to become part of the Bethel family.  Faces that wore a sad and tired expression, eyes dim and seemingly lifeless have turned to smiles,

Rael (sister) Lillian & Victorine

Rael,  Lillian & Victorine

laughter and hugs as they have now bonded together as brothers and sisters.  “What do these kids need the most?” was a question ask to the Chamahs.  Martin Chamah quickly replied, “They need to know they are loved.”

That love encompasses the need for the whole person – their emotional well being, their physical requirements, and the hunger of the soul to know that God has not forgotten them.

So let us show you what your involvement does in the life of a child at Bethel.



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