I know your expecting me to explain how YOU would feel to sponsor a child; Pride, accomplishment, knowing you’ve made a difference… etc, etc. This is all very real….   But this isn’t about you.   This is about the child, and how it affects them.

Until I spent time with the kids I had no idea what sponsorship meant to them. I assumed that I knew, and I would have probably told you what sponsorship meant. I would have failed completely in explaining the emotional impact that effects the child that is sponsored, or should I say….. not sponsored.

While I was with the children I spoke to some of them about their sponsor. One of those children was Barbara, who is sponsored by my Mother-in-law. She was beaming as I showed her a picture of her sponsor and explained who she was. Barbara’s pride was evident, and her smile was truly a mile wide.

After Rayla and I returned home I received this note from Dave who is staying in Africa a bit longer.

Today I overheard Barbara and Dina discussing sponsorship. I could tell that Dina was a bit upset. It broke my heart when she came to me to ask when her sponsor would come to see her and her sister Florence. I could not tell her that as of now she has no sponsor….. so I told her to pray that her sponsor would come.

In case this little note from Dave didn’t get the point across let me explain it another way.  These children have lived a hard life that none of us can ever understand. To be part of the Bethel family has brought them out of despair, and they now have food every day, education, and most importantly a family centered around God…….. We, as the Bethel organization have done what we can. What we can’t do is what only you can do. What these children need emotionally is a personal connection with someone that is theirs. Someone that they can know by name, and someone that they can believe is looking out for them. Sponsorship to us means something completely different. But to these children, it means so much more.

If you have every thought about sponsoring a child but have yet to decide, please take a moment to pray.  I know the children are praying every day! Please consider doing something that no organization can do…. become that personal connection that these children need so desperately.

I’m going to leave you with two pictures. This is Dina and her little sister Florence. These girls need a sponsor, and others can be found on our website.


Dina Portrait








Florence Portrate









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