The answer?  LOTS!!

December brought along the Christmas meals of celebration of the birth of the baby Jesus. As well, all the children were able to go to Youth Camp for a week of fun and Bible lessons where they could get together with other children.

But December also saw the new classroom for the Grade 8 students built. Nothing fancy but ready for the students to start school  in the beginning of January. This cost us just around the $1,000.00 and then there were new textbooks that were bought for that class for sharing for $820.00. 

Please pray for the Grade 8 students especially as this is the year that they write the standardized Kenyan exam.  This is a very important time of learning for these students as all that they have or should have learnt for the past years of Grade 1 – 8 could be questioned on the exam.  And these marks will determine the next step for many of the students.